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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stingin' Cute!  This is a new shirt I made recently.  I have a fondness of bees since they are our school mascot, so I'm always looking out for a cute one.  The bees are also very interesting to me because my husband is a beekeeper.  It's been fascinating to learn more about how God created those little guys to do what they do to produce such fantastic honey!

Laundry Tip:  You know how you shouldn't put a new red shirt into a load of laundry and wash it for the first time with white clothes?  Especially not the brand new white shirt that you designed and spent time embroidering...Well, if you do such a thing here's a good fix.  Soak the shirt in warm water and vinegar for a few hours.  Then add laundry soap and scrub it in.  Then wash as normal.  I didn't realize the red had bled onto the shirt until it had already gone through the dryer (bummer!).  BUT, I am happy to report that all of the blothes of pink came out!!! Yeah!!  And we repeated this vinegar cleaning when she got strawberry juice all over her shoulder.  Vinegar is my new best friend!

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  1. This is darling Laura! Love the waffle texture of the bee :) Thanks for the vinegar tip too!